Kinetic Classic: Kid Powered Art Racing from Kinetic Universe Mother's Day May 13th 2012 ~ Main Street Ferndale, California

Push Kart Kinetic Dash

This event is for kids who want to Build!

Build your own "Junior Kinetic Push Kart" with your friends, then compete against other teams. Prizes will be given for Art, Speed, Engineering, and more.

Who can race?

You need to be in 4th, 5th or 6th grade to participate in the Dash. Each team needs, one Pilot, one Pusher, one Offishul Grownup, and helpers.

What is a Junior Kinetic Push Kart?

It’s like a soap box racer, but instead of going downhill, you'll have a team mate pushing you half way through the course. Your Push Kart needs a seat, a place for the Pusher to hold onto, steering, and brakes, but no drive system. It isn't Kinetic without Art, so your Kart should also look cool.

There's lots more in the Rules. Download these forms.

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