Kinetic Classic: Kid Powered Art Racing from Kinetic Universe

From the folks who bring you The Kinetic Grand Championship, Humboldt County's Triathlon of the Art world...

Mother's Day 2015, Sunday, May 10th Sacco Waterfront Amphitheater, Eureka, CA

Join the Rutabaga Royal Family on Mother's Day for the 1:00 pm. Kick Off parade, and stick around for all the kinetic action. Kids minus 9 months to 12½ years will compete in 3 age categories. They'll Rutababy Buggy Bounce in their best costumes, brave the Rutabaga Rally, or push their limits in the Push Kart Kinetic Dash. Food, Fun, Prizes, Special Treats for Mom, and the cutest Kinetinauts in Humboldt!

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